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  1. Dribbling & ball handling
  2. Shooting
  3. Passing and receiving
  4. Layup shooting
  5. Game play
  6. Fundamental movement skills: hopping,  skipping, sliding, running, etc.
  7. Change of pace-direction
  8. Body control, footwork and balance

Players who are learning the game of basketball and are looking to develop and improve basic skills:

  1. Dribbling & ball handling
  2. Shooting stance/mechanics
  3. Passing and receiving
  4. Finishing moves around the basket
  5. Footwork & body control
  6. Game play - read & react ability
  7. Introduction to offense and defense concepts and strategies
  8. 2 and 3-man basketball
  9. Spacing

Players who are looking to improve their skills and build on their basketball foundation:

Elite Academy Skill Levels  

Player pre-assessment Form Grades 2-8 (adv. GR2 ok)

Perfect environment for learning and fun!

  1. Dribbling & Ball handling
  2. Shooting, Passing
  3. Finishing around the basket
  4. Footwork, jump stops
  5. Basketball moves - Individual offense
  6. Cutting and moving without the ball
  7. Offense and defense skills, concepts and strategies
  8. Fundamentals of motion offense
  9. Spacing and angles

Players with strong basketball foundation looking to enhance their skills and competing against higher level competition:


Player post-assessment form Grades 2-8 (adv. GR2 ok)

Player pre&post-assessment form K5-Gr2 (beginner)

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